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I am in the White Mountains and it is amazing and beautiful. I climbed a mountain all the way to the top.

On a related note, I think citronella candles are actually pheromone-laden, mosquito-drawing pools of heat.

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Soul Crushing

Somehow I deleted a section break and my page numbers were affected. Feeling like you got to page 30 is awesome! Realizing you’re really only on page 28 is not as awesome.


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I was considering Grad School...

I started this tumblr about a year ago and it looks like I forgot about it…

I’m pretty sure this link explains it all.

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Cool ingredients aren’t so cool when you don’t know how to cook them.

Does anyone else feel like starting a blog post with a question is an overused strategy? [See what I did there? HA!]

I’m going to say it. Anyone who follows any amount of the blogosphere happens upon the occasional food blog. If you’re me, that’s about 90% of my blogosphere happening. Food blogs are amazing. They have pretty pictures! They tell you how to make cool stuff! If you follow the right people, they’re funny and don’t make you feel like a failure for eating a bowl of peas for dinner. (Because when it is 9pm and you just need to eat, you should eat frozen peas instead of a combination of questionable leftovers that really need to be tossed.)

But there is the occasional food blog post that highlights an ingredient. Like this one:

To quote the opening line:

"So you thought preserved lemons sounded like a cool ingredient and you got yourself a jar! …Now what?"

WHAT? You bought a jar of preserved lemons just because you thought it was cool? Who are you? Let’s talk about your impulse purchase of a jar of preserved lemons. It’s not like you’re going to crack those open on the way home because you just need to counteract some low blood sugar. Did you think that maybe it was a centerpiece for the table? Who are you trying to impress with this jar of obscurity? I know you probably felt like you needed to purchase this “cool ingredient” because of a blog post touting all of the potential uses for preserved lemons. A word of advice - you should not do everything you read about on tumblr.

Be adventurous and try new things, but don’t go out and purchase every new cool ingredient unless you have a beginning of a plan. That’s how you end up with a cabinet/fridge of Himalayan pink sea salt, lavender, and fiddlehead ferns. You will end up resenting that pink salt every time it almost falls on your head as you’re trying to get to the spices that you actually know how to use.

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Meowsers has his own form of punishment when I get lazy and don’t hang up my jacket. Here he is judging me and asking me to stop disturbing his nap. I also imagine a maniacal laugh happening somewhere…

Meowsers has his own form of punishment when I get lazy and don’t hang up my jacket. Here he is judging me and asking me to stop disturbing his nap. I also imagine a maniacal laugh happening somewhere…

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This week I had the flu. As in, stay in the bed and feel like you might not ever be able to get out of the bed again, kind of flu.

  • I didn’t eat real food for a few days…but I lost five pounds.
  • I took my temperature a lot…and I realized that my thermometer DOES work. My body can be over 97.7!
  • I became frustrated with straws that leave a little liquid in the straw and then release it at will… *shakes fist angrily at ginger ale stickiness on table*
  • I watched old animated movies, as Netflix would allow because all of my really good animated movies are in a format that I was not in a frame of mind to figure out how to play as most of our movies are in a digital library… i.e. Do we play dvds out of the wii or out of the computer tower in the closet these days? (read: Josh was not home).
  • I didn’t work!
  • I tried to work…and I was reminded how awesome my coworkers are!

Mostly I think I lived to tell this tale because of Josh, my electric blanket, and Meowsers. Here he is staring down at me from the back of the couch.

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Old fashioned dinner

I love an old fashioned. Except for the moment of panic when I try to make the drink plural (old fashioneds? Old fashionedes? Maybe it’s just fashions?), you just can’t be anything but happy with an old fashioned.

Anna and I have taken to the concept of “old fashioned dinners.” It may sound like a concept constructed by Don Draper, but you can tell I have my hand in it due to its limited amounts of catchy advertising panache. An old fashioned dinner consists of several old fashioneds and dinner. Clever, right? Dinner and drinks? What a novel thought? 

But seriously, after a day like today. Or month like these past few months, there’s just nothing better than an old fashioned and time with friends. Where else would you have conversations about how awful your day was or how much better your coworkers are than other people’s coworkers or dating websites intended for SCIENTISTS TO MEET SCIENTISTS?!

I mean seriously. You know you are going to feel better at the end of an evening which consists of a lovely old fashioned and the pun “heavy pipetting.”

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The Year of the Concert

I don’t go to many concerts. And yet, last night I went to saw Punch Brothers at House of Blues and it was awesome! How can they make such amazing music from 29 strings? Who knew the mandolin could be played like that?  Where can I find more men in vests playing the fiddle?

Going to concerts makes you really aware of the big impact of other individuals’ seemingly small actions. For example, that super tall man may not be standing directly in front of you at the beginning of the concert. But by the end of three songs, the crowd has somehow propelled him sideways. Seriously. I’m in a mass of people. I don’t feel like I’m moving. But then I notice that I can see an area of the stage that used to be blocked. It’s crazy. It’s Brownian motion. We are the atoms.

Useless observations aside, I have realized that I need to go to more concerts. This is kind of a big deal for me because I don’t really do well in large crowds. It has taken me a while to admit that, but I feel uncomfortable in large crowds. It’s not like I feel like I’m in danger. I just sort of feel overwhelmed. There’s too much happening. This is one of the reasons that I try to avoid grocery stores in New York City the day before Thanksgiving. Sometimes this is unavoidable and I get through it by overly managing the job of crossing items off the shopping list. Luckily my family loves me.

But concerts! There are large crowds but that crowd has something big in common. We have the shared goal of watching this concert and jamming out to some music. Now sure, fans of bluegrass and indie pop music are not the most raucous - but who cares. This is my music and these are my people!

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